1. Perfect One

Be what you wanna be
Heal what you wanna heal
Drive Sex Life
Soul is a religionless
God Ape Man
Heaven is a bedroom

Heal what you wanna
Lie if you wannna
Fight if you wanna
Deal what you wanna deal        

Sigh if you wanna
Kiss if you wanna
Fuck if you wanna
Heaven is a bedroom
I couldn’t find the perfect one
But now she’s lying by my side

I couldn’t find my peace of mind
Now I feel that I’m whole
I couldn’t find no one
Now I found the perfect one

Quid sit esse cupis
Cantáte quid vis ut cantem
Sexus vitae coegi
Religione animi
Homo Dei Simia
Cælum domum

Sana quod uolueris
Mentietur si vis
Unum perfectum
Unum perfectum

2. So Much to Lose

Life is only now
A new secret like a book on the shelf
And all the guilt we think about
They’re only waiting for your light to melt away
A young form of pain

A river full of anger
With nothing to lose
And I’m such a stranger
With so much to lose

Sins live in your soul
A new love is what we need to ignite
A body you already know
Who knew the sands of time would be so dry

3. The Shelter

Fate is a fake, shall we doubt?
A fever flows and seems it's all around
Desolation it sows our roads
My seeds of power in fields away from home

I've been blinded
By all the mist that we shared

Lean back your regret
Before the differences of my heart
Now is still the time
Because you’ve thrown away
The shelter you should be instead

4. Take a chance

Walking on the streets under pouring rain
Waiting for a light that will make my day go on
A miracle is what I’m waiting for

Tired of the old tales I’ve been told
Sick of all the places once I had to go
Different versions of the same soul
Girl because you’ve never seemed to find your place
A shelter from the pain
Because you never had that many friends
Everybody says you gotta take a chance

Come on wake up now
Leave your problems out
You look so fine (God you look so fine!)
Since we shared blood
Let your guns unload
Just have a good time
Never looking back!

Pages in a book won’t go away
Sorry to remind you, but you don’t have to stay
Yesterday was another lie

Never complain about the hidden heart
We have always known that love is just a part
Messengers don’t control your life

5. Speedway

All of the rumors keeping me grounded
I never said, I never said
That they were completely unfounded
So when you slam down the hammer
Can you see it in your heart?
Can you delve so low?

And when you're standing on my fingers
Can you see it in your heart?
And when you try to break my spirit
It won't work because there's nothing left to break

All of the rumors keeping me grounded
I never said, I never said
That they were completely unfounded

You won't sleep until the earth that wants me
Finally has me
Oh you've done it now
You won't rest until the hearse that becomes me
Finally takes me
Oh you've done it now
And you won't smile until my loving mouth
Is shut good and proper

All of the rumors keeping me grounded
I never said, I never said
That they were completely unfounded

And all those lies
Written lies, twisted lies
Well, they weren't lies
They weren't lies
They weren't lies
I never said, I never said

I could have mentioned your name
I could have dragged you in
Guilt by implication, by association
I've always been true to you
In my own strange way
I've always been true to you
In my own sick way
I'll always stay true to you

6. Dark Angel 

I saw an angel jumping from the sky
And I don’t mind if you ever tried
Let’s stay here baby one more night
Let me be your boy even when you turn down the lights

She said to me listen to my prayer
Don’t believe the king it happens everyday
Being alone just to clarify
That sad jump you took from the sky

Have you ever tried
To escape your mind?
Have you ever tried
To escape a little off your mind?

I can’t believe the things I see
I can’t forget how works malice
And I don’t feel so sick
When you’re away and I don’t feel it
I can’t believe the things I see

7. Someday

The past is hunting like a new ghost
That silly moment we know we're wrong
How many lives must we live again?
How many questions till we understand?

A memory from the last time
The good old things that we left behind
Why is everything so hard now?
Do your mistakes fall to the ground?
Sometimes nothing is the best thing
You can do to save the dream

Someday things will have to change
Just to make sure they remain the same

I’ve got a feeling you have to know
Don’t break the messenger’s heart and soul

8. Unnatural Feelings

Now you know
Your dream has gone away
You’ve missed the chance
You’ve got it

Feel what you want to feel
Life will not be your way
I’ve always known
You’ve got it

Only lovers know
How sin is killing me
My fate is yours if you want to believe
Act one’s coming late
Can’t spend the night with me
The great deception of our beginning

Unnatural feelings
Rise and fly
I don’t see a meaning
And I don’t know why
Unnatural feelings
Everytime you’re free to go
Another way to lose your soul

9. Tourist

This European air
It always warms my face
I wish I could buy some

I will bring you stories
And bleary eyed photos
Like a regular tourist

We don't go breaking down
I feel like nothing ever will

Suitcases down our street
Are rolling once again
I roll away with them

Five days inside Zoo York
To lose myself with friends
I'm nowhere without you

Just wanna be with you, my baby

10. Iceland